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How the Apple Vision Pro is Changing Real Estate Staging

By February 12, 2024February 15th, 2024No Comments
Transformation of an empty room in a mansion into a magical environment filled with fantastical artwork and sculptures, as seen through augmented reality glasses.

Discover how AR transforms real estate showcasing, elevating properties beyond traditional staging to captivate buyers with immersive, life-like experiences. A game-changer for professionals.

Augmented reality (AR) is a game-changer for real estate professionals who are constantly working to enhance the appeal of their properties. Now, you can elevate your property beyond traditional staging, using AR to bring properties to life on a whole new scale.

Transformation of an empty room in a mansion into a magical environment filled with fantastical artwork and sculptures, as seen through augmented reality glasses.

Apple’s latest innovations, including the Vision Pro, iPhone Pro, and iPad Pro, have opened the door to augmented reality (AR) for everyone. The real challenge lies in determining who will harness AR most effectively in their presentations. For real estate professionals, dedicated to elevating their property listings, the adoption of this innovative technology could set the stage for a new era of engaging and immersive property showcases.

With the Apple Vision Pro, the integration of digital objects into the real estate world is seamless 

Imagine this: while you’re walking through a potential new home, instead of seeing empty rooms, you’re greeted with a personalized vision of your future. Your family’s portraits on the walls, your dog cozy on the sofa, even a trampoline waiting in the backyard—all of it just clicks into place, matching your unique taste. Suddenly, there’s no question about whether this house can become your home. You see it, you feel it, and you believe it.

The immediate benefit of (AR) in real estate is its ability to overlay realistic objects onto our reality, offering a level of visualization that’s truly groundbreaking. Whether it’s furniture that fits perfectly, art that speaks to you, or even life-size cars and boats, if it can be modeled in 3D, it can be brought right before your eyes, making any foreign property feel just right for you.

Welcome to the future of real estate, powered and personalized by augmented reality, where seeing is not just believing – its feeling, living, and dreaming.

Key Benefits of Apple Vision Pro in Real Estate Staging

The Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes the way you present properties to clients. With AR, you have unprecedented ability to customize what clients see and experience during property tours. This technology enables you to detail every aspect of your presentation, ensuring your clients gain a deep and clear understanding of the property’s potential. Ultimately this enriches their connection to the property.

Apple Vision Pro AR vs iPhone and iPad Pro AR

The Vision Pro brings unparalleled capabilities for instant visualization, seamlessly blending any digital object with its physical surroundings. 

While the iPad and iPhone Pro already offer impressive augmented reality experiences, the Vision Pro elevates this to new heights. It’s the subtleties – the fine-tuning of reality with digital precision – that make the Vision Pro stand out. These enhancements provide an added layer of immersion, making the staging process not just effective, but transformative.

However, this unparalleled level of detail, and engagement comes at a higher price tag. The Vision Pro’s starting price is $3,499, positioning it as a premium option in the AR space. In comparison, the iPhone Pro and iPad Pro also offer robust AR capabilities, and are more accessible with starting prices of $999 and $799, respectively.

While the Vision Pro offers a deeper margin of immersion, turning every presentation into an unforgettable experience, its higher cost for marginal benefit over the iPhone and iPad Pro’s capabilities requires careful consideration. 

Maximizing Customization with Vision Pro in Home Staging

Whether you are trying to sell a castle, a penthouse, a mansion, a single family home, or lease thousands of units in an apartment complex, each property can be customized with AR to suit any number of demographics.

AR enables the sales professional to craft presentations for every one of their properties, for any number of demographics with endless customization for your properties.

For example, if your client doesn’t like the couch it’s not a problem. Need to accommodate uniquely large furniture or envision two bunk beds in each bedroom? With just a few taps and prior planning, you can switch to another design.

Augmented reality can bring any concept to life, provided it can be modeled in 3D.

The Vision Pro Increases Buyer Engagement with Immersive Experiences

In real estate sales, success hinges on understanding and delivering exactly what the prospect desires and requires.

The Vision Pro, together with the iPhone and iPad Pro, offers a vivid window into the true potential of a property, presenting it in its intended context. This near-perfect visualization erases any uncertainty about the property’s suitability. Buyers can visualize their exact preferences in real-time, transforming every home into a personalized showcase. Through AR, seeing transforms into believing, turning aspirations into tangible realities.

Shift from Traditional to AR Staging

Real estate staging is designed to enhance the marketability of a property. The shift towards digital staging is propelled by the challenges of cost, flexibility, and customization associated with traditional staging methods.

AR answers the question – how can we ditch the physical furniture and still get an equally effective marketing tool.

What are the Shortcomings of Traditional Real Estate Staging?

For years, studies have shown that staging increases sale price and sells faster. However, using real furniture means your imagination is confined. With the implementation of AR, the limitations of physical furniture vanish.

Here some of the shortcomings AR simply doesn’t have.

  • High cost: Physical staging can be expensive to rent, transport, setup, and consult designers.
  • A lengthy installation and removal process: Transportation and setup can be challenging, particularly for properties in less accessible locations or with tight entryways.
  • Storage issues: When furniture is not in use, storage is a significant issue.
  • Limited customization: While providing a tangible view, it does not always capture the buyer’s imagination the same way AR can for instant changes and customizations.
  • Risk of damage: Moving furniture in-and out of the home risks damage to the property itself.
  • Wear and tear: Homes which see a lot of foot traffic can diminish the furniture’s appearance and effectiveness in staging.

How does the Apple Vision Pro change Real Estate Presentations?

Sales professionals no longer need to be on-site. With access to an empty property and devices like the Vision Pro, iPhone Pro, or iPad Pro, buyers can explore digitally staged spaces on their own. They can then quickly connect with sales professionals via FaceTime for a real-time discussion, creating an experience that closely mirrors an in-person visit. This approach ensures that, even from a distance, sales professionals can guide and influence what the buyer sees and experiences.

What is the Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook and Apple are betting on augmented reality headsets becoming as commonplace as wearing headphones. The Apple Vision Pro integrates a computer, monitor, audio device, and camera into a single wearable that users place over their eyes. This device enables the use of various apps that overlay digital elements onto the physical world. When these digital objects blend flawlessly with our reality, we step into the realm of AR.

Sample Videos of Apple Vision Pro in Real Estate

Video demonstrations on X are showcasing the potential of staged real estate through the Vision Pro. This videos presents an experience akin to virtual reality, displaying the same floor plan but with a fully simulated layer added onto the walls for a refined finish.

Additional demonstrations on X reveal the spatial awareness capabilities of the Vision Pro. It’s worth noting that this functionality mirrors what we use on the iPhone Pro and iPad Pro too.

This video illustrates how users can virtually attach monitors displaying multiple tabs in different areas of their homes, all through the Vision Pro. From a workspace setup at a desk and a theater-sized screen in the living room to a TV broadcasting a cooking show in the kitchen—these digital fixtures fill the room, yet vanish the moment the headset is removed.

This video showcases the ability of users to visualize an empty apartment through their iPad Pro, complete with digital staging to see potential furnishings.

Early Reactions to The Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is here! Skeptics are saying that the Apple Vision Pro is goofy, forgetting that when the Apple Airpods were released they received similar labels. Once mass adoption was achieved, Airpods faded into normalcy and dropped the labels.

What’s the End Result for Real Estate Staging?

The Apple Vision Pro is an incredible engineering feat with amazing capabilities. The fantastic screen, lightweight body, strong computing power, great audio and cameras, and the ground-breaking video passthrough means its user friendly.

At the end of the day, augmented reality does what it is designed to do, provide visualizations for various tasks, whether you are watching a movie or touring an apartment. 

Real estate professionals are now in a position where they can add augmented reality to their sales tool-kit. By using the latest tech and being able to provide highly customized experiences for their clients, regardless of the size and number of units within the property, you can expect early adopters to have a competitive edge for both their prospecting and marketing efforts.

We highly recommend you explore how the Apple Vision Pro and augmented reality will impact your real estate staging needs. If you have any questions or have another business application in mind, feel free to reach out.

How to stage real estate with Apple Vision Pro

Considering that the development kit for Apple Vision OS was released in Q1 of 2024, we have created a waitlist for those interested in getting first-dibs on hiring us once we complete our development process for VisionOS. Join the waitlist here.

In the meantime, we have already built the technology to stage real estate on the iPad Pro and iPhone Pro with augmented reality. If you are interested in learning more about our current offerings, please leave your details here and we will get back to you.